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Story: A proficient nonetheless deeply troubled book author Lekh Kapoor desires to interrupt free from the shackles of typical storytelling however finally ends up taking on the task of editing the script of a Tamil blockbuster.

Director: V.K. Choudhary
Writer: V.K. Choudhary
Stars: Atul Hanwat, Praveen Maheswari, Sayoni Mishra

However his partner in crime Irfan, WHO goes to painful lengths to seek out work for his ‘genius’ friend, convinces him to require up employment within the house of business cinema for creating ends meet.

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Review: A hopeful revolutionary within the field of book writing, Lekh Kapoor (Amit Kumar Vashisth) is let-down by the boisterous ways that of showbiz trade associate degreed resolves to introduce an unconventional technique of storytelling that doesn’t adjust to the protocols of however a script is meant to be written.

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