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Mridang`s story is galvanized by a real story. creating the entire story secured around thinking and superstitions. Youth Aditya may be a professional person and a contemporary thinker,wife Sonam may be a companion of Aditya in each sense.

Director: Ritesh s Kumar
Writer: Ritesh s Kumar
Stars: Rose Laskar, Manoj Kumar Rao

Buton one hand, whereas Aditya level individuals live gayly, Aditya life appears to be moving like advovcacy. within the family of solely 2 individuals, money hardships and situation conjointly don’t hassle concerning mutul harmony.

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Obviously, trendy thinking is discouraged by its failure and doesn’t perceive the necessity to resort to superstitions. Aunt, ahead of sonam, mentions the vowel demanded by Aditya`s mother did not even have a son.

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