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Story:  A Facebook friend request from a missing woman is joined to sharp deaths on this school field. The police ar befuddled by it and also the missing girl’s supporter tries to urge to the lowest of this with facilitate from her geeky pal.

Director: Shashi Sudigala
Writer: Shashi Sudigala
Stars: Anshuman Jha, Divya Menon, Suzanna Mukherjee

The guys, United Nations agency appear as if they have a decent bathtub, ar chewed up and also the police ar known as to research the mysterious deaths.

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Review: Set in modern ‘cyber world’, Mona_Darling is among the new breed of films that tries to bank on the recognition of social media and also the immense half it plays in our lives. However, it fails to be something over a stereotype of comparable movies that are round the subject, each in Bollywood and Hollywood.

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